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WordPress Market Research 2022 – Its usage and popularity

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I am a WordPress developer since 2017. I have developed more than 300 websites for my clients including blogs, personal sites, business sites, and e-commerce stores.

You must know that more than 43% of websites are built on WordPress. It is also the biggest shareholder in CMS platforms, which is nearly 65%.

This proves how popular is WordPress on the internet. But popularity is not the only factor that you should use WordPress for your website.

Today I share some facts that you should know about WordPress. Website Screenshot

First Thing First: What is WordPress?

WordPress is a software that is available to download and it’s free. Anyone can download WordPress from its official website WordPress Software can be used on any hosting platform to launch your own website and it’s not required to have coding knowledge. It gives you the power of customization. Here you also note that and are two different platforms and there is nothing similar between them.

Who launched this powerful software?

Matt Mullenweg and Mark Little released the first version of WordPress on May 27, 2003. It was a simple blogging platform at that time but now it become and most popular CMS for websites, e-commerce platforms, and more.

Let me share some interesting things about WordPress –
  1. As I have already mentioned there are more than 43% websites are powered by WordPress on internet.
  2. WordPress is using by many big brands like Facebook, Disney, BBC, Microsoft, Toyota and more.
  3. In top 10,000 websites, 38% sites powered by WordPress.
  4. Big content plublising sites making millions using WordPress.
  5. WordPress cost you almost zero to build a website.
  6. WordPress plugin directory have 59,000+ plugins.
  7. More than 30% WooCommerce websites are in top 1 millions e-commerce sitres in the world.

The second popular CMS platform Shopify powers only 4.4% of websites on the internet and I think this is enough to know how popular WordPress is.

I don’t have coding knowledge, Can I build my website using WordPress?

The answer is Yes.

You don’t need to have any coding knowledge to use WordPress to build your website. WordPress comes with many beautiful prebuilt sites that you can use for your website and replace its demo content with your own.

There are also many page builder plugins in WordPress that you can install on your website and customize the theme. It allows you to drag and drop functionality on your page.

WordPress Themes and Plugins

Themes and plugins are the most important things in WordPress. The theme which you can activate for your website and plugins that you can use accounting to the features you need to add to your website.

How do themes work in WordPress?

Let’s suppose you are building a website for your pharmacy business, You can search themes for pharmacy in the WordPress theme directory and check its preview. This is how themes work. (a short description)

How do plugins work in WordPress?

Now if you want to add a Whatsapp chat option to your website you may install the plugin by searching Whatsapp Chat and enabling for your website which automatically add a chat button to your website and you can also customize it. This is how Plugins work. (a short description)

WordPress gives you the ability to add themes and plugins to your website. There are more than 9000 free themes available in its directory that you can customize for your website.

WordPress global community

WordPress is an open-source platform which means anyone can contribute to it and anyone can use it for personal and business usage.

This community is one of the faster-growing technology communities in the world. Every day thousands of new websites are built on WordPress.

WordPress is also being used by governments and non-profit organizations. Many developers around the world are contributing by developing themes, plugins, and many other features for it.

You may say that the WordPress community is making it successful. There are many companies that only work on WordPress.

Like I said I’m also a WordPress developer and helping many businesses to make their presence online. You can see my portfolio and hire me for your project.

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