WordPress Engineer

I'm Vikram Singh

I have never touched a computer in 20 years of my life. I was a mathematics student and I was dreaming of myself as a mathematician. Mr. Narendra Modi was elected as the Prime Minter of India in 2014 and he launched the Startup India program. It changed me completely.

Vikram Singh - WordPress Portfolio Profile
The Year 2014

2014 was the year of transforming India into Digital India. Newspapers, Social Media, TV channels were speaking loudly about Digital India, Startup India. After all, it was the incentive projected by the Prime Minister. I don’t know why, but the Word “Digital India” attracts me the most. I could not stop myself without investigating it. First time ever I feel this is something for me and the journey begins here.

I developed interest

After completing my college degree in 2016, I went to Banglore (silicon valley of India) by traveling approx 1,914 KM. I joined a training center for web development. In this whole period, I learned how to use the computer and how to Google your query. I developed my interest in learning WordPress and started developing websites. 

interest turned into a fun

A boy who never touch a computer in his 20 years of life and become a successful WordPress Developer in just 2 years, Thanks to the Startup India launched by Narendra Modi Ji. It’s really inspired me, I have developed many websites from small businesses to corporates to online stores and blogs. I found WordPress is my best career option and always enjoy working with it.


I live in village Prempura of Rajasthan with my sweet family. I was born in 1996 and married in 2019. I love living a simple life and enjoying meals with my family. I can speak Hindi & English. Watching English web series is the favorite time pass for me and my wife.